Art Science Interaction Labs @ Ghent University

eXtended Reality research center to better understand the human mind and behavior

What is XR?

XR allows to step into computer-generated 3D environments, experience these with all our senses, and interact within.

We use XR research to better understand the human mind and behavior, in musical, technological & social contexts.

Mission and Goals

Immersive XR spaces function as “extended” research laboratories, where we can optimize ecological validity and experimental control in the human-centered sciences. We offer a platform where scientist, entrepreneurs and societal stakeholder can drive XR-based societal impact.

Lab Modalities

The Art and Science Interaction Lab is a highly flexible modular facility to bring, analyse and test experiences and interactions in virtual contexts as well as to conduct research on next-gen immersive technologies. It brings together engineers, performers, designers and scientists creating solutions shaping the lives of people.

The XR facility encompasses the ASIL, Pluriversum and Maker Space labs, each tailored towards specific research setups.

Interdisciplinary consortium

With a focus on intersciplinarity, we tackle the XR paradigm from different perspectives: visual (IDLab), auditory (IPEM) and user-centered (MICT).

These groups gathered with the explicit intent to form an integrated research consortium with a shared research program.