Perplexity 2024

Sonifications: a one-day festival on Microbes in Art and Science
Lectures, performances, installations
Collaboration between IPEM (Ghent University) & Vision Forum
— June 18, 2024 @ 15:00 – 21:00 —
— ASIL Labs, Krook, Ghent —

Perplexity: One-day art science festival in The Krook (IPEM/ASIL) – Tuesday 18/06/2024, 15:00-21:00

Discover the sounds of genetically modified microorganisms singing – encounter bacteria that generate their own films and soundtracks in real time – hear and see single bacteria playing graphene drums?

In the second edition of the annual Perplexity event, musicians, artists, researchers, and thinkers come together for a day of reflection on microbes and sound. During Perplexities, we invite you to be curious, less serious, and more speculative! Join us, and enjoy performances, installations, lectures, and wild mixtures between the three.

Organized by IPEM (Ghent University) & Vision Forum

Part 1: Lectures and performances (15:00 – 17:00)

  • Marjan De Mey: Biosensors and electric signaling from bacteria – towards a bacterial synthesizer?
  • Kristien Hens and Bart Vandeput: Microbial Death. Death has never left life. Thinking through transdisciplinarity by thinking with microbes.
  • Freddie Ross and Per Hüttner – “The Consequences of Desire” How to think biotechnologies when utilized in a society governed by achievements and capitalist realism. A performance along a video, with live music.

Part 2: Reception, refreshments & connections (17:00 – 18:00)

  • Ioulia Marouda – Infinitesimal (Installation)
  • Bartaku: ‘D. flossonica’ Till Bovermann (Installation)

Part 3: Lectures & Performances (18:00 – 21:00)

  • Per Hüttner and Robert Oostenveld – Micrsosopic sound scapes: A polymicroscopic performance with sound and image
  • Irek Roslon – Listen! This bacterium is alive! Sensors made of atomically thin graphene can be extremely sensitive – so sensitive that they can pick up the mechanical vibrations from cell metabolism, thus providing a way to ‘hear’ bacteria.
  • Claudio Panariello and Chiara Percivati – “WYPYM – Were you a part of your mother?” performance for augmented bass clarinet and feedback system.


Perplexity is curated by Christina Stadlbauer and Per Hüttner

Coordinated by Ioulia Marouda

Light by Carima Neusser

Organized by IPEM (Ghent University) & Vision Forum

Practical information

  • Tuesday 18/06/2024, 15:00-21:00 
  • ASIL Labs (-2, Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Gent)
  • Follow the signs at the main library entrance