mict is an interdisciplinary research group of imec and UGent, consisting of a highly motivated team of researchers combining human and technological expertise, with a background in communication, psychology, sociology, engineering and design. Mict builds bridges between technology, people and society by studying their intertwined relationships to tackle the current evolution towards a sustainable digital society. This by looking at shifting interfaces (from analogue to digital) and studying their interactions, impact and insights.

  • Interactions: focus on state-of-the-art methods using dedicated research labs and prototypes for real-life testing, focusing on observation, co-creation and interaction design in order to optimize human-technology interactions,
  • Impact: the use of theoretical frameworks from social sciences for evidence-based results, focusing on motivational, behavioral change and experience research to maximize effectiveness and adoption,
  • Insights: evaluation and exposition of tension fields between data, privacy and ethics at governmental and industrial level, to advice policy and decision makers.

Mict provides scientific insights on how people interact with technology and co-creates the future technologies for the people of tomorrow. For this, mict applies a broad toolset to study what people say (through online/offline surveys and interviews), what people do (by observing via data logging and field monitoring) and feel (by measuring and analyzing physiological data).