POTA: Practicing Odin Teatret’s archive

training transmission, interaction and creativity

The POTA project in brief

Practicing Odin Teatret’s Archive (POTA) is an interdisciplinary research project (2021-2025, 450K, 2 PhD students) funded by the Flanders Research Council (FWO). The aim is to investigate what it means to develop, practice and perform an archive through the activation of Odin Teatret’s (DK) embodied legacy in a virtual environment, addressing the translation of technique through Mixed Reality whilst developing dramaturgical approaches to archival practices.


  • to activate Odin’s embodied legacy in a digital and virtual environment, articulating new possibilities for the (pedagogical) transmission of Odin Teatret’s training techniques.
  • to create new navigation systems that allow for an interactive and creative transmission of embodied theatre practices.
  • to re-fashion Odin Teatret’s genealogies of theatre techniques into immersive and augmented technologies like motion capture (MoCap) systems and virtual reality (VR) devices.
  • to consider embedded embodied knowledge as a tool for investigating the complex web of techniques that link performers to particular subjectivities, histories, aesthetics, and to each other.

Entangling Practices

By elaborating on hybrids of both physical and virtual spaces, we allow a user to drift towards a new awareness of embodied knowledge transmission, production and distribution, in which the freedom of a theatre laboratory provides the space for an interactive and creative encounter with codified artistic techniques and practices through virtual reality immersion.

In this sense, the archive becomes a dramaturgical tool for the actor, dancer and performer, an ‘architecture of access’ to find one’s way through the great amount of data available nowadays through lived experience. By treating archive/embodied heritage as an interactive tool where the main focus is on an interdisciplinary functionality of one’s experience, this research gives voice to its potential on fostering innovative expressive communication.

Translation Chain

At the core of this project lies an intense translation chain: from psychophysical technique to metadata to an immersive textural architecture of archival navigation. We explore this chain by unfolding practices of translation that reveal further interdisciplinary training methods, built on cross-overs between politics of inventory and poetic equivalences that sustain the desires inherent to such re-enactments.

The different strands of translation practices shown here advocates for new discourses in the field, calling for more inclusive, dynamic, and interactive approaches to the preservation and dissemination of embodied knowledge, testing out AR’s capacity for paving the way for innovative approaches to knowledge production and dissemination in the performing arts.

Team Members

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christel Stalpaert (Ghent University)–  director of S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media)

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Pieter-Jan Maes (Ghent University) – professor at IPEM (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music)

PhD Researchers: Adriana La Selva and Ioulia Marouda (portfolio)


  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    • Patrick Campbell: Senior Lecturer in Drama and Performance – Centre for Research and Knowledge Exchange
  • Aalborg University
    • Tatiana Chemi: Associate Professor in the Department of Culture and Learning – AMPERE Arts-based Methods and Performativity in Educational
  • Utrecht University
    • Laura Karreman Assistant professor in the Department of Media and Culture Studies -Transmission in Motion
  • Nordisk TeaterLaboratorium

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