Broadband Experiments for Arts & Culture

Project Duration

01/01/2020 – 31/12/2022


Pieter-Jan Maes

Breedband Experimenten Voor Kunst en Cultuur

The project investigates the use of broadband networks for the artistic and cultural sector. Given the complexity of the technology and the current digital state in culture, it aims to prepare for a thorough exploration and experimental creative use of broadband technology. Due to the recent corvid-19 “anthropause” we saw an increasing interest in digital and Virtual Reality technology, especially in immersive situations and remote streaming. Is it temporary or does it permanently open up new possibilities for makers, producers and artists? And is there a wider/different audience interested in new art forms with new experiences through social, participatory and immersive set-ups?

On Sunday January 30, 2022, the Ghent City Theater Minard, together with ASIL (Art & Science Interaction Lab, Ghent University, De Krook) organized a round-table “Lost the thread?”. It was about new performance technology, virtual places, remote audience participation, broadband, and so on. The themes were expanding culture, expanding stages, expanding audiences, with a number of innovative initiatives being presented. Local culture houses were invited to this, with the option of online presence. 57 participants registered for this.

A number of questions were raised during the roundtable:

  • What possibilities do Virtual, Augmented and Extended Reality offer the current cultural infrastructure?
  • Which makers, artists, performers are working on it? Does it affect their (type of) work?
  • What will change for and on stages and halls. Are we prepared for that?
  • Does the evolution result in broadening, narrowing or simply a shift of audience?
  • Which new (work) instruments are needed and how can we develop them?
  • Can a bottom-up strategy contribute to the bigger picture?
  • How interdisciplinary will culture become?