Synthi 100

Project Duration

01/01/2020 – 31/12/2026



In 1978, IPEM acquired an EMS Synthi 100, and after 40 years it is still fully operational, depite the many times it was moved about, not always in good circumstances. Thanks to the good care by its technician and best friend Ivan Schepers, today the legendary soundmachine is still attracting a wide audience.  The release by Soulwax of an album and book, with new compositions and documentation, as a tribute to the Synthi 100, is certainly illustrating this.

Lately IPEM and it’s Art-Science-Interaction Lab [ASIL] has integrated the artistic heritage within a digital culture and science context of new inventions with new technology, notwithstanding AR/VR/XR approaches. Combining ‘living heritage’ [Cultural heritage can only persist when there is renewal and interest in it from a younger generation, creative and connecting!] with diverse art-science approaches, a new network developments are offering new immersive experiences.