Dance and the Blockchain – Commodification and ownership of embodied creativity in the crypto space

Project Duration

01/01/2020 – 31/12/2022


Jorge P. Yánez

Faculty: Arts and Philosophy

Department: Studies in Performing Arts and Media


The central topic is the role of new crypto-tech and the metaverse, to (1) destabilize ownership dynamics for the performing arts industry, (2) allow new forms of organization among performing artists (3) problematize the notion of their corporeality as it expands towards/inside/across the digital space(s).

There is extensive media coverage on the solidity of crypto-currencies and the current art markets’ craze on digital creativity and NFTs, but little or no academic discussion is being held to provoke real insight on how these technologies impact the performing arts sector.

This issue will be tackled not as a monolithic incident but as a multi-layered phenomenon involving legal, cultural and financial aspects for the circulation of creativity. Such heightened degree of digitization of cultural expressions, with the commodification that it entails, needs to be reckoned for obtaining a nuanced perspective not only about the future of the blockchain but also its present decentralizing applications for artists.